Musang King 2 + 2 , 猫山王 2 + 2
Musang King 2 + 2 , 猫山王 2 + 2
Authentic taste and beautiful texture | 完美的好味道
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Musang King from Gerik 

Malaysia quality food from Gerik mountain - Musang King Durian
马来西亚宜力的高山好水果 - 猫山王榴莲


(2 x Musang King )+(2 x Mixed ) = 4 packs / Box (2KG)

(2x 猫山王 榴莲)+(2x 混合品种)= 4 包一箱 (2KG)

Grade : A class
Durian Type : 2 x Musang King + 2 x Mixed Durian
Packaging : (500g / pack)  x 4 - 1 box (quick frozen & vacuum)
Delivery method : frozen delivery service
Mixed Durian (random) = Teka, Hor Lor, Red Prawn, 78, IOI/168, 18, XO, Kampung/Kahwin(old tree).
混合品种(随机) = 竹脚,葫芦, 红虾, 78,18仔,IOI/68, XO, 接支(老树)

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Source of origin:-

Our farm located at the north region of perak, at a hilly area - Gerik, Gerik is a moutain landscape which is very suitable for durian growth, Gerik durian is different than other places, most of the place they will have 2 harvest season for a year , but Gerik durian only harvest once a year, which it come with authentic taste and also rich texture for the durian meat. Other than the famours "branded" durian such as Musang King, Black Thorn, D24, and others. The Durian Kahwin or the Durian Kampung from Gerik is welknown since 1960 until now, for the old-tree durian which is more than 50 years, for some people the taste is just as good as Musang King.


我们的果园是坐洛在霹雳州北部的高山地带 - 宜力, 宜力是高山围绕的高山地形,非常适合榴莲的生长。 宜力的榴莲是有别与其他地方的榴莲, 一般上其他地方的榴莲是一年2季,可是宜力的榴莲一年只有1季, 因此造就了它完美的好味道。 除了名种榴莲如猫山王,黑刺,D24及其他的,宜力的高山榴莲及接枝榴莲从1960年代至今也是远近闻名的,对于50年以上的老树榴莲,它的味道与猫山王一样好。

About Durian (Meat Conversion Ratio ) :-

For a whole durian the average conversion Meat Conversion Ration is about 25% - 30% depends on the species and enviroment condition. For younger tree durian the Meat Conversion Ration will be less that 30% . For each KG of durian normally you only get 300g of the meat. 

关于榴莲 (换肉率):-

对于一整颗的榴莲来说它的换肉率大约是在25%- 30% 根据不同的品种及环境会影响它的换肉率。如果比较年轻树龄的榴莲它的换肉率是低过30%。每一KG 的整颗榴莲大约只可以得到300g的果肉。 

Why Our Price Is Very Competitive ? 

We own the whole process from the plantation of durian farm to the packaging of the final product, from A to Z is handle by ourselves directly, we don't have any middle-man in between, we provide the direct and good quality fruit from our farm to our customer. 


我们拥有一条龙的供应链,从果园的种植到最后产品的包装都是我们自己处理的。从头到尾都是我们自己一手包办的,中间并没有任何的中间人介入。 我们提供直接及高品质的水果直接从我们的果园到顾客的手里。  

Our Farm 我们的果园


Our Packaging 我们的包装


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